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NKF is the areas largest kayak fishing charter business.  In 2018, Navarre Kayak Fishing ran a total of 210 charters with anglers from all over the world.  With three guides and seven Old Town Predator PDL’s. Navarre Kayak Fishing has everything needed to provide a fantastic day on the water.  New to fishing?  Great, Pensacola Kayak Fishing has everything you need for a successful day on the water.  We love to fish and hope you join us on the water.  Call (850)264-3957 and Book your Adventure with Navarre Offshore Fishing.

Navarre Fishing Charters

There are several Navarre Fishing Charters that appear in Google.  However, there’s only one NKF. That goes out of its way to ensure a successful day of fishing along the Emerald Coast.  NKF offers guided kayak fishing charters throughout Navarre and Destin Kayak Fishing areas.  Have you gone inshore fishing or offshore fishing with Navarre Offshore Fishing?

Destin Kayak Fishing

Navarre Kayak Fishing offers kayak fishing charters in Destin Kayak Fishing.  As normal, we provide all of the required gear, and fish in Destin Kayak Fishing.  If you’re looking to fish at Navarre Inshore Fishing with Destin Kayak Fishing, visit https://navarrekayakfishing.com/navarre-offshore-kayak-fishing-charters/.  Kayak fishing provides an incredible experience.

Pensacola Kayak Fishing

If you’re kayak fishing in Pensacola call Navarre Kayak Fishing.  Pensacola Kayak Fishing offers Kayak Fishing throughout the year.  All Navarre Inshore Fishing Charters are ran in Navarre, Florida.  Navarre Inshore Fishing provides anglers from across the country for an opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.  If you’re interested in scheduling a fishing charter visit https://navarrekayakfishing.com/navarre-inshore-kayak-fishing-charters/.

Kayak Fishing Charters

Kayak Fishing Charters provide an entirely new experience for the experience angler.  The kayaks are often pulled around by large fish and anglers aren’t use to the fish being in control.  If you’re looking to experience something completely new, visit https://navarrekayakfishing.com/navarre-beach-kayak-rentals/. Consider renting one of our kayaks for the weekend.

Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters are ran by Navarre Fishing Charters twelve months a year and are tailored to each individuals experience level.  First time kayaking?  Awesome, give us a call and Book Your Adventure!

The majority of the year we chase Speckled Trout and Redfish.  However, we have an amazing fishery and there’s always opportunity to chase a specific species.

We use artificial baits on all of our Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters and provide anglers with top of the line rod and reels.

Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters are scheduled based on daily weather and tide conditions.  The kayaks allow us to launch from a variety of locations throughout Northwest Florida.

Spring Trips (March – May) offer anglers the opportunity to target shallow water Bull Reds.  The Redfish will spend a large portion of there time cruising shallow flats looking for easy meals.  They are easy targets in shallow water and the sight of a large Redfish is sure to increase your heart rate.

Summer Trips (June – September) provide excellent opportunities to target Speckled Trout with topwater.  These fishing charters start early and can be explosive!  As the sun rises Speckled Trout feed hard on various species of bait fish and are willing to inhale topwater lures.

Fall Trips (October – November) mean Flounder!  Fall provides the best opportunity for anglers to complete an Inshore Slam.  Flounder, Redfish, and Speckled Trout are abundant throughout October and November.  Fall is the best time to experience Inshore Fishing.

Winter Trips (December – February) Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters run throughout the winter months.  However, we realize being cold isn’t for everyone and more often than not anglers are not completely prepared.  We have published a few articles ensure a pleasant outing and the information is available here – https://navarrekayakfishing.com/winter-fishing-trips/

We run trips twelve months a year and look forward to chasing Striped and Hybrid Bass during the coldest part of the year.

Offshore Kayak Fishing Charters

Offshore Kayak Fishing Charters are ran by Navarre Fishing Charters from May – October.  Offshore trips can be tailored to any experience level.  However, we recommend inexperienced kayakers schedule an Inshore Kayak Fishing Charter and build experience prior to going offshore.

Offshore Kayak Fishing Charters allow anglers to experience the Emerald Coast from an entirely new perspective.  Anglers will have the opportunity to target a variety of species, to include Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Sharks, Red Snapper, and Triggerfish.

We provide a variety of baits during Offshore Kayak Fishing Charters and provide anglers with top of the line rod and reels.

Offshore Kayak Fishing Charters are scheduled based on daily weather and tidal conditions.  The kayaks allow us to launch from a variety of beach access throughout Northwest Florida.

Red Snapper and Triggerfish Fishing Adventures

Trips start at $325 and are slotted for four hours.  If you catch your limit early we will change gears and troll for heart-racing Pelagic species.

Red Snapper and Triggerfish are highly regulated throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is proposing a 40 day recreational Red Snapper season.

Red Snapper fishing charters fill quickly, call (850) 264-3957 and pre-book your trip today!

Offshore Trolling Adventures

Trips start at $325 and are slotted for four hours.  We will target King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, and Mahi-Mahi throughout the summer. Come fall, we will look for Blackfin Tuna.

King Mackerel make excellent fish dip and fresh Mahi-Mahi will keep you coming back for more!

Offshore fishing trips are all weather permitting.  Call (850) 264-3957 to pre-book your trip and let us find the perfect window of opportunity.

Social Media

If you’re looking to follow Navarre Fishing Charters on social media check out our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/NavarreKayakFishing, our Instagram Page – http://instagram.com/navarrekayakfishing, and our YouTube page – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoRap5thrXhU2B7WUMpuC8Q?.

Thank you for visiting Navarre Kayak Fishing.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

Enjoy your vacation. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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