Inshore with Josh and Jonathan – 11/13/2017

Navarre, Destin, and Pensacola, Florida Weekly Fishing Reports

What’s better than going fishing for your birthday?


Jonathan’s mother reached out and scheduled a fishing trip for his birthday.

Josh joined in on the fun and they two had a blast.

We decided to fish an are close to their home.

Both were eager to hit the water and excited to learn about inshore kayak fishing.

After a quick safety brief, they were in the water and cruising around.

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It took a while to find fish that were willing to eat but that’s part of fishing.

Josh had the Speckled Trout dialed in and Jonathan really wanted to find a Redfish.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters

Both ended the day catching a few quality fish and learned a ton.

They ended up throwing Zoom Flukes for the majority of the morning.

We rigged the Fluke weedless using a 5/0 Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Hook.

Low tide, floating grass, and finicky fish made the choice easy!

I’m sure the two of them will be posting fish pictures in the near future.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters

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