Inshore with Wes and Chris – 10/17/2017

Navarre, Destin, and Pensacola, Florida Weekly Fishing Reports

Wes and Chris met up bright and early.

I informed Wes and Chris that it may be a little windy but they weren’t too worried about it.

A little while later we were on the water and chasing fish.

It wasn’t long before Chris was hooked up.

He broke the ice and landed this healthy 30″ Redfish.

After getting a few things situated we were back in the water.

Wes was next to connect…

He mentioned he thought he was hooked to a log and that log turned out to be a beautiful Flounder.

After tossing the Flounder in the fish bag we went back to chasing Redfish.

The next fish was an upper slot Redfish and joined the Flounder.

A few minutes later and Chris was hooked to another Redfish.

This one was a little smaller but a perfect eater at 21″.

They are off to have a wonderful dinner with their family.

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Inshore with Matt – 10/12/2017

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