Scouting in the Wind – 10/24/2017

Navarre, Destin, and Pensacola, Florida Weekly Fishing Reports

I snuck out a little after noon today to do a little scouting and the fish didn’t disappoint.

I have several trips later this week and knew the cold front would move the Speckled Trout around a bit.

I had a solid idea on where they would be and what they would eat.

I made a quick pedal and attempted to hug a shoreline.

Hiding from the wind wasn’t completely possible but the fish were stacked up and came on after another!

Cold fronts and high winds are great for fishing if you know where to find them.

The fish were fired up and couldn’t resist a Rapala Shadow Rap Shad!

You can purchase this lure here –

The fish really start to fatten up this time of the year and they have a hard time resisting a jerkbait!

I’m off to hit the water with clients and we will be chasing Speckled Trout!

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Inshore with Greg – 10/23/2017

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