Mini Swim Bait




After receiving a ton of positive feedback and an overwhelming amount of questions we decided to post the “Mini Swim Baits” for sale for a limited time in the four colors we have been using on all our of Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters.

The “Mini Swim Bait” is 2.75″ in length with a large tail that provides a ton of action.  Each order of lures comes with (1) custom jig head.  The extra weight allows the lure to “fall” perfectly and will entice both Redfish and Trout.  The large tail acts as an umbrella, slowing the large jig head and allowing it to fall in a controlled manner.

Each color in the “-Ish” line will appear translucent in order to represent a perfect outline.  The color and large tail is all it takes to trigger any feeding fish!

*Better pictures will be posted in the near future.

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Green-Ish, White-Ish, Black-Ish, Pink-Ish