Terms & Conditions 

These are the Terms & Conditions of Navarre Kayak Fishing. Please read the terms in full and do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or concerns.

Targeting Species

Navarre Kayak Fishing strives to provide the perfect day on the water. We understand that our customers may have a special interest in targeting a specific species.

It is our primary goal to provide the fishing experience that every angler is seeking. However, we encourage our anglers to understand that there are a variety of conditions which affect the fishing along the Emerald Coast.

For this reason, our guide services will be catered around the "fishing conditions of the day" to provide the best possible fishing experience for every angler.

Late Arrivals:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the departure time of your trip. We understand that unexpected delays may occur. If you are expecting to be late, please call your guide at your earliest convenience.

Late arrivals of 30 minutes past scheduled departure time (without notice) will result in automatic cancellation of trip and forfeiture of deposit.

Please understand that the trip will end at the scheduled time, even if the Angler arrives late.


Our guided fishing trips and lessons will run in rain or shine, as long as the conditions are safe. Only the fishing guide reserves the right to cancel a scheduled trip due to weather conditions.

All Off-Shore trips are pending calm weather conditions. If inclement weather conditions prevail, it is up to the Guide as to whether the trip will proceed.

Safety Brief:

A safety brief will be given to novice anglers before departure.

All anglers must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that may require special attention, prior to departure.

All Anglers must wear a Coast Guard Approved life jacket at all times. (provided by the guide)

Anglers younger than 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the parental consent and liability forms. The guide may request to speak with the minor's legal guardian, prior to departure.

Those who are unable to swim must notify the guide upon booking.

Customer Behavior:

It is required that all customers behave in a safe and respectable manner towards the guide, other anglers, and company property.

If it found that there is a loss or damage to the company equipment, due to negligence or unruly behavior, then the customer will be liable for replacement or repair of the item.

The guide reserves the right to cancel the trip (payment forfeited) if unruly or unsafe behavior is displayed.


Alcohol is not permitted during any guided trip or lesson, as it impairs the angler and subjects everyone to potential hazards.

The guide reserves the right to cancel the trip (with no refund), if the angler is under the influence or brings alcohol on a guided fishing trip/lesson.

Global Positioning Systems:

ALL GPS are banned from ALL trips offered by Navarre Kayak Fishing. These devices may be confiscated, by the Guide, until the end of the trip.

Personal Items Liability:

All personal items and personal equipment are the sole responsibility of their owners at all times.

Items that you wish to keep dry should be placed in a dry storage bag or container.

It is highly recommended to pack light and refrain from bringing unnecessary items.

Personal Items Liability:

Navarre Kayak Fishing and its affiliates shall not be held responsible or liable, in any way for any loss, damage, expense, inconvenience, or any kind of result incurred, or in the connection with any use or misuse of any and all personal property.

Navarre Kayak Fishing wishes to provide a safe and enjoyable fishing adventure with every angler. Due to the nature of the sport, please be mindful that there's a chance of being injured. Please understand that all customers must assume and accept full responsibility of these risks, prior to departure.