A Windy Weekend

Navarre, Destin, and Pensacola, Florida Weekly Fishing Reports

The weather has been all over the place the past few days.

Saturday the wind was out of the South at 15 MPH and Sunday the wind was out of the North at over 20 MPH.

The temperature went from 66 at sunrise on Saturday to 51 on Sunday.

The fish can sense the weather changes and it doesn’t always make for the best fishing days.


On Saturday, I met up with Rob. Rob is a repeat client who has learned a ton and loves fishing under terrible conditions.

We spoke about the weather change and how warm it would be. He understood that the wind was going to blow and the fishing would be rough.

He wanted to sight cast a Redfish and I knew the perfect location.

Seeing the fish wasn’t an issue, catching the fish was an entirely different challenge.

Rob saw over a 100 fish and not a single one of them made an attempt to eat a lure.

Some of the fish spooked and the others just swam around the lure like it wasn’t even there.

It was an awesome day on the water and Rob learned a ton. Unfortunately, he didn’t land the fish we went to after and we settled for a few Speckled Trout.


On Sunday, Sami and I hit the water together. Sami has attended multiple seminars in the past and was eager to catch a slot Redfish.

He mentioned he was cursed but I didn’t believe him.

We hit the water around noon and headed out to an area that usually produces under horrible conditions.

When we launched the wind was blowing 15 MPH out of the Northwest and it made for a bumpy start.

We arrived in a protected area and started fishing. It wasn’t five casts before the first Redfish was hooked.

Unfortunately, I was the one who hooked it!

A quick photo and she was in the fish bag.

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Sami was now confident and ready to land his first slot Redfish.

We pressed on and Sami’s curse started to show.

He landed this crab….

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A few minutes later I hooked another Redfish and we added it to the bag.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters

We saw a ton of Redfish but Sami’s curse has yet to be broken.

I quit fishing after the second fish and spent the afternoon watching slot Red after slot Red evade Sami.

Who else has a Redfish curse?

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