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Heron Swallows Stingray

Heron Swallows Stingray | Navarre Kayak Fishing

Two weeks ago, we launched the kayaks in the Santa Rosa Sound. Prior to that, the words “Heron Swallows Stingray” never crossed my mind.

If was a gorgeous fall morning with a repeat client.

We approached a flat on the kayaks and I began walking him through the steps of catching a Flounder.

As we drifted across the flat, I noticed a Heron walking along the beach with a fish in its mouth.

At first I thought he had caught a Flounder. Obviously, this intrigued me, so I had to further investigate.

We could clearly see the white underside of decent size fish hanging from the birds beak.

I reached for the camera and pedaled closer to the bird.

Unknowingly, I was excited to take a picture of the Heron holding a Flounder! This was the first time I had every seen anything like this.

We began joking about the lack of Flounder we had caught that morning and how the bird showed us the proper way.

I slowly made my way closer to the bird and I noticed the tail of the Stingray.

I was completely surprised and took a few photos.

Unfortunately, I drifted a little too close for the the birds comfort causing it fly further down the beach.

A few minutes later, I repositioned close enough to the bird to start videoing.

I never thought I would capture the Heron Swallowing the Stingray and I assumed the bird would give up and move on.

Boy, was I wrong!

Witnessing the bird wash off its meal and flip it into the proper position was incredible.

Sights like this is one of the coolest parts about kayak fishing.

You never know what you’re going to see while on the water!

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