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Kayak Fishing Must Haves

Kayak Fishing Must Haves

In the video “Kayak Fishing Must Haves” we take a few minutes and cover a series of tools that will make your kayak fishing experience a bit easier.

Rod Holder / Milk Crate

You’re going to need a way to store rods on the kayak and a milk crate is one of the best options. You can modify it however you see fit and it’s removable. If you get a new kayak you can just remove the bungees and you’re good to go!

Rod Holder (this is the one) – 

Milk Crate Rod Holder Kit – 

Push Pole

A push pole is a fantastic option for anglers fishing in shallow water and it doubles as an anchor when needed!

Push Pole –


You’re going to need a net and if you buy a good one you will have it forever and its one of the most important must haves for kayak fishing.

Net – 

Boomerang Snip

Re-tying on the water can be a pain if you’re not organized. The Boomerang Snip makes quickly re-tying easy.

Boomerang Snip (Get the big one…) – 

Fish Grips

The Fish Grips do a great job of protecting the fish and your hands. We like to carry two sets just incase we need a quick stringer.

Fish Grips – 


I highly recommend purchasing a pair of pliers with the split ring attachment. It will make changing treble hooks very easy! Its an important must haves for kayak fishing.

Pliers – 


A hook remover is perfect for unhooking King Mackerel or deeply hooked fish that traditional pliers wouldn’t be able to reach!

Hook Remover (long) –

Hook Remover (short) – 

Dry Bag

A dry bag is the perfect way to store your keys, wallet, and electronics. We never go fishing without one!

Dry Bag – 

Measuring Board

A measuring board prevents you from keeping any fish that aren’t legal and is a must have for kayak fishing.

Measuring Board – 


A kayak, yes you need a kayak to go fishing!!!

Kayak – 

We hope “Kayak Fishing Must Haves” will save you time on the water and help you land more fish.

Kayak Fishing Must Haves

Full list of recommended items –

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