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Inshore Kayak Fishing

Inshore Kayak Fishing

Inshore Kayak Fishing | Navarre Kayak Fishing

Anglers enjoy Inshore Kayak Fishing throughout the Southeastern United States and for good reason, it’s a blast!

Last year more than 150 anglers scheduled Inshore Kayak Fishing Charters with Navarre Kayak Fishing and the majority had one goal, catch a Redfish.

Red Drum are one of the most sought after gamefish in North America and anglers visit the coast each year looking to catch their first.

Let’s get into the basics…


Inshore Fishing means a variety of things throughout the world and is defined by fishing waters less than 100′ deep.

When we refer to Inshore Fishing, we are referring to catching Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Redfish.

Typically we remain in water that is less than 5′ deep and use artificial lures to catch are desired species.


There are a ton of kayaks on the market and they all get the job done.

However, we prefer to pedal and spend all of our time fishing out of Old Town Predator PDL’s.

These kayaks allow us to keep our hands free, which means more fishing.

They come with a comfortable seat, keeping you high and dry throughout the fishing trip.


The headline “FISHING” will draw the most attention and for good reason. Inshore Fishing is a blast, add a kayak and you have an entirely new viewpoint of how to spend time on the water.

When we target Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder we prefer to use lures. They allow us to cover more water and keep the by-catch to a minimum.

Throughout the year we will change lures and techniques to remain productive.

We discuss targeting Redfish and Trout throughout the year in our blog “Kayak Fishing for Redfish” and “Kayak Fishing for Speckled Trout.”


Inshore Kayak Fishing provides an incredible experience and we recommend it to everyone.

It’s peaceful, relaxing, and sometimes a little chaotic!

Inshore Kayak Fishing | Navarre Kayak Fishing

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