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Winter Fishing Trips

Winter Fishing Trips

Winter Fishing Trips | Navarre Kayak Fishing

Winter Fishing Trips?

You live in Florida, you don’t have a winter season!?

Yes, it happens and its usually fairly mild.

From December to February we run the majority of our charters in the afternoons.

This allows the temperatures to rise and makes things a little more comfortable.

However, we do receive a few wintery storms and are prepared to fish in any condition.

The fish don’t mind the cooler weather and normally feed heavily on dying baitfish.

Staying Warm

Staying dry is the key to staying warm.  If you fail to wear the proper attire your going to be cold!

Overdressing will lead to sweating and once you are wet coldness sets in quickly.

Pedaling helps get the blood flowing but is useless without the proper clothing.

We spend a ton of time on the water each year and have found out what works best through trial and error.

Here’s a short list of items we use to stay dry and warm.

Suggested Items for Winter Trips:

Beanie –

Hot Hands (value pack) –

Face Shield –

Base Layer (top) –

Base Layer (bottom) –

Fleece Pants –

Hooded Sweatshirt –

Stocking Footed Waders –

Dive Booties –

Soft Shell Jacket –

For a full list of suggested items –

Required Items:

– Florida Saltwater Fishing License (

Let’s fish…

If you’re willing to tough out the weather, we know where to find them!

We provide everything needed for a successful fishing trip to include Old Town Predator PDL’s, PFD’s, Rods, Reels, and Tackle.

(If you have any special requests, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate the situation.)

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