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Conditions for Offshore Kayak Fishing

Conditions for Offshore Kayak Fishing

Understanding safe conditions for Offshore Kayak Fishing

The temperatures begin to rise in May rising and the conditions for Offshore Kayak Fishing are just around the corner.

The Gulf Coast is filling with tourist and the locals are beginning to think about chasing King Mackerel.

As the world of kayak fishing grows daily, more and more anglers are venturing offshore. This often leads inexperienced kayak anglers into dangerous situations.

Understanding the weather is one of the most important aspects of Offshore Kayak Fishing.

Weather Checklist for Kayak Fishing Offshore

This blog is going to briefly cover a set of guidelines that we use to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Knowing the limits of your kayak, yourself, and your gear is key when Kayak Fishing Offshore.

Remember – There’s no fish worth risking your life.

Wind – How much is too much?

The wind is pretty calm in the mornings this time of the year, but increases in strength as the day goes on.  Anytime the wind is forecasted to be equal or greater than 10 MPH, we get off of the water.

  • As the wind increases, the surf will grow.
  • Northern winds push water off of the beach. This will calm the surf, making for an easy launch and landing.
  • South winds push water to the beach. This increases the height of surf, making a more challenging launch and landing.

(NOTE: North wind will continually push you south and make returning to the beach difficult. Last Spring, there were multiple kayakers rescued by Cobia boats because they did not understand how much the wind affects a kayak in open water)

For accurate wind information we use:

Surf – How much is too much?

Like the wind, the surf is pretty calm first thing in the morning, and usually increases as the day progresses. It is important to keep that in the back of your mind.  Summer time breezes shift to the South East around midday and the surf will be much larger than it was at first light.

We never launch my kayak if the surf is 2-3 ft and growing.

For accurate surf information we use:

Wind and Surf conditions are equally important and should always be monitored together.

Offshore Kayak Fishing is a lot of fun, but remember that things can quickly take a turn for the worst.

Continue to monitor the conditions for Offshore Kayak Fishing throughout your trip.

Stay Safe. Have Fun. Go Fishing.

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