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Planning a Fishing Trip

Planning a Fishing Trip

Planning a Fishing Trip | Navarre Kayak Fishing

When’s the last time you took time planning a fishing trip?

These five topics are going to change the way you approach your next outing and help you catch more fish.

1. Check The Weather

Checking the weather will always be the first step towards planning a successful fishing trip.

  • Safety is always the number one concern.  If the radar looks bad than stay home and prepare your tackle for the next day.
  • Viewing the wind speed and direction is critical when selecting the areas you plan to fish.
  • Overcast / Sunny conditions make a huge difference in the behavior of fish.

2. Check The Tides

Understanding tidal movement will help you find fish.

  • Find moving water.
  • Position yourself to fish with the tide.
  • Learn how the water depth affects certain species.

3. Check Your Fishing Notes

You don’t take notes?  Check this out –

Reviewing your notes is going to make your decisions easy and it’s super important.

  • Knowing the tidal stage of your last outing is crucial.
  • Identifying the wind direction is crucial.
  • Knowing what area you found success is crucial.
  • Knowing what type of bait was in the area is crucial.

Got it?  Take notes!

4. Target a Specific Species

What are you going fishing for?  Knowing the characteristics of each species is very important.

  • All species behave differently.
  • Various species feed on different types of bait.
  • Sudden weather changes will change the pattern of each species.

If you’re just casting around hoping for a bite, your wasting a ton of time!

Understanding the characteristics of each individual species makes a huge difference and will help you catch more fish.

5. Pick A Location

Use the information you have gathered from the first four steps to pick a fishing spot.

  • Use Google Maps AND Google Earth.
  • Fish the areas that no one else pays attention too.


Planning a fishing trip is more important than going to the store and buying a new lure.

If you want to catch more fish, pay attention to the details, and put in time on the water.

Checking the weather, reviewing notes, and targeting a specific species will increase your productivity.

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