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Florida Kayak Regulations

Florida Kayak Regulations

 Florida Kayak Regulations

Knowing the Florida Kayak Regulations goes along ways towards staying safe while on the water.

Unfortunately, it’s an overlooked topic and I was glad the question was asked!

Mr. Leathers wrote in and asked if I had ever published anything on the topic.

Short answer…


So, we’re taking the time to let you know everything that is required for all of your  kayaking adventures.

Life Jackets

Each child under the age of 6 must wear a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD), while the kayak is moving.

Each person riding in the kayak must have an approved PFD available inside the kayak.

  • IF you choose to use an Inflatable Life Jacket (Type V PFD) it must remain on the entire time you’re in the kayak because it is considered a Class V until inflated. Once inflated they are considered Class II or III depending on the model.
  • You are not required to wear a Class II or III if it is on the kayak but it is recommended.
  • My PFD of choice:

Sounding Device

A sound-making device is required while you are kayaking and could save your life.

There are several options but I prefer to use a marine whistle.

Attach the whistle to your PFD and it will always be in arms reach!

Marine Whistles:


When kayaking between sunset and sunrise, a white light is required. The kayaker is to display the light if another vessel approaches, to avoid a possible collision.

  • At night I prefer to carry a headlamp and a flashlight!
  •  I keep the headlamp around my neck and the flashlight in a dry box under my seat.  If the headlamp isn’t doing the job I shine 500 Lumens in their direction to ensure they see me!!!
  • My Flashlight of choice:


Registration is a requirement for all kayaks using a gas or electric motor but isn’t required if you are paddling or pedaling.

General Safety

If you are new to kayaking, I recommend spending a few months fishing in protected bodies of water.

The calm waters are the perfect place to work out any kinks and learn how to safely land fish in your kayak.

There’s no reason to risk your life for a fish!

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Florida Kayak Regulations

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