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Taking Notes

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Taking Notes | Navarre Kayak Fishing

Correctly planning a fishing trip makes the difference between being successful and it starts with Taking Notes!

We recommend using this:

It’s much easier to plan a fishing trip when you have information/data to look back on and thats why taking notes after every trip is important.

The information you gather when you are learning is valuable but its very easy to forget or overlook.

When I first started fishing along the coast I had a lot to learn and I started taking notes.

These notes laid the foundation for everything I know and have made difference time and time again.


I have had opportunities to fish with some excellent anglers over the years and they all have had one thing in common.

They knew where the fish were going to be and why they were going to be there.

Many years ago, an older gentleman told me to document the conditions of every trip.

I was young and didn’t understand why it mattered, but now I realize that this man didn’t catch fish because he had the best rod or reel.

He caught fish because he knew where the fish were going to be and why they were going to be there.

When attempting to figure an area out, be sure to document what you find.

In doing so, you will find trends.

Once you find the trends, you won’t need to take notes.

Identifying Trends

Here’s a short story and perfect example:

A few years ago, I began fishing a body of water that many said was a difficult area to fish.

I had previously fished the area several times without much success, and my opinion started to align with everyone else’s.

After reviewing my notes, I realized that all of my trips, on this particular body of water, had one thing in common — the tidal stage.

Even though these trips were spread out over the course of the year, I knew I needed to fish it under different conditions.

Let me tell you, that place is one of the most productive Speckled Trout fisheries in the area!

The moral of the story is simple. You will never know what you are doing wrong if there’s nothing to look back on.

Take notes and use them when planning a fishing trip.

Those fishing notes will make a huge difference in the number of fish you land.

Taking Notes | Navarre Kayak Fishing

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