Hurlburt Field Outdoor Recreation Center

Hurlburt Field Outdoor Recreation Center | Navarre Kayak Fishing

This weekend we ran the first of several scheduled trips for the Hurlburt Field Outdoor Recreation Center.

All active duty members are eligible to sign-up and spots fill quickly.

If you’re interested please call/visit the Hurlburt Marina for additional information.

Saturday morning we took four active duty members out for a relaxing day on the water.

These trips are designed to be easy going and our main goal is to enjoy the time on the water.

Oh ya, and catch a few fish!

We launched into the Santa Rosa Sound around 6AM.

The sun was up and there were plenty of people on the water.

The weather was gorgeous and it seemed that no one was going to miss the opportunity.

Three out of the four were able to land Speckled Trout up to 18″ and had a blast.

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