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Red Snapper Season | Opening Day 2018

Red Snapper Season

Red Snapper Season | Opening Day 2018

Recreational Red Snapper season opened in Florida today.

As normal the weather was all over the place.

My alarm went off and I double checked the weather.

There was an opening and decided to make the best of it!

I loaded everything up and drove out to the beach.

I could hear the waves from the parking lot and walked down to investigate.

The surf wasn’t as bad as expected but the wind was moving out of the West.

I stood around for a few minutes debating on whether or not I was going to make the pedal.

Derrick Benton arrived at the beach and we decided it was worth the launch.

We went separate ways once pass the surf.

The current was moving very quickly for the Gulf of Mexico and I knew it would make the fishing a little difficult.

Conditions were far from ideal!

After a choppy pedal south I was on top of the fish and ready to catch dinner.

It wasn’t long before the first fish was in the kayak!

The current/wind was pushing me East at roughly 3MPH.

I pedaled back on top of the spot several times before I decided it was time to go home.

I was back on the beach at 730AM and off to work.

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