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What’s Biting – December

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters . What's Biting - December

What’s Biting – December | Navarre Kayak Fishing

Inshore fishing is always action packed during the month of December. Kayak fisherman along the Emerald Coast have the opportunity to target a wide variety of species. As the water temperatures drop the Speckled Trout will transition to canals, channels, and bayous. Redfish will stage on the outside of bayous and Sheepshead will invade the bridges. Striper will make their way down the rivers to feed on Mullet in the worst weather of the year. Ya, December is an exciting month and it’s full of opportunity.  Continue reading “What’s Biting – December” and let us help you catch more fish.

Speckled Trout

The Speckled Trout bite will be excellent throughout the month of December. The cooler weather will concentrate the fish in predictable areas. Once you find a productive area, it will stay productive until the weather changes drastically. (Temperature, rain, or wind) This is a great time of year to throw suspending lures, such as a Egret Baits Zombie R.I.P. Stik or a MirrOdine 17MR. Fishing slow is the key to success, the fish are keyed in on dying baitfish and the correct presentation will make all of the difference.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters December

Slot Redfish

Slot Redfish feed primarily on crustaceans and near bayous, rivers, and canals. The north winds provide calm water and perfect conditions for targeting these beautiful fish in the Santa Rosa Sound. The kayak allows for a quiet approach and makes sight fishing a blast. We like to throw a Matrix Shad in Ultra-Violet paired with a ¼ ounce jig head. This combination does a great job at mimicking a small Shrimp and isn’t often overlooked.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters December


Sheepshead is a nice change of pace come December and can be found on a variety of inshore structure, such as bridges, jetties, and deeper docks. The fish will remain in these areas until they spawn. Sheepshead are easily targeted using Fiddler Crabs, Shrimp, and Oysters. They can be finicky and the bait must appear as naturally as possible, small hooks, fluorocarbon, and braided line increases your chances of feeling the bite.

What's Biting - December

Striped Bass

The water temperature is continuing to drop and the Striper’s are making their way down the rivers. These fish are extremely nomadic and spend a ton of time chasing Mullet during the winter months. Striper are low light feeders and a blast to catch on topwater lures. It will take sometime to find the big ones but it’s worth the chase.

Navarre Kayak Fishing Charters What's Biting - December

Next month we will elaborate on Striper fishing in “What’s Biting – January”

Staying warm is the most important aspect of fishing this time of year. As the temperatures continue to drop throughout the month, do not be afraid to fish during the middle of the day. Unlike the months prior, the best times to fish in December are often during the warmest parts of the day.

This link will help you stay warm while on the water –

What’s Biting – December | Navarre Kayak Fishing

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